Why The Donald Don't Do Dirty Diapers: An Explanation

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hoping and be ready out released to cut from two thousand and five designed her Donald Trump cut number thirteen, but I hear running out of time here you get a gonna be undo father again in the near future, yeah, actually change diapers, no I don't, , one right, it's not my thing you know whatever that father but that's my thing, the Emperors Nolan, the win, the somewhere been well it to juiced largest and it's up to the women there are a lot of women out there that you know demands that does didn't act like awaits, you know Avila has said listened to that so you know the whole Portland one person to be the Diaper chain here or Nomo and a really is going to be, she she is she's going to be a fit as stick mother, and by the way it ended a different type of life, I probably would baby, the year because of his them I think, I really like a great well there but certain things you do uncertain tension on just not the mic,