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Listen: "I do wanna tell you that the bidding for Cubs for a cause if officially underway"

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Jared Wickerham
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Coming up I do wanna tell you that the bidding for cuts for a cause is officially underway in opened that ten a clock you get your mop cut you know what even I volunteered to pass the problem is because of the tightening we can't we can't be there well no it's I thought excuse we got we were we were in it last year and then we were we got we got polled at the last-second is the camp yet the event and then to our show that night so I would be more than happy to get my it's up to look at look at how I awful haircut I'm ready to get this thing caught any day of the Bruins will have that he's up the Bruins players are obviously players you can bid on Patrice Bergeron today don't chart cetera we'll You can also bid on about to the personalities in the sport's up as big Tim Murray Jays do Chris gasp or frightened read shots over all night that Despres on the list that I see here is there you know on a buzzer Lott duties to get your bids eight and you can do that of course that's CBS Boston SportsTalk outfitted more information Adam Jones in for Mark Bertrand when Scott so like we're here to scoreboard Sports Bar Grill for taking all your phone calls in we'll get to him right after the Headlines now here's a ninety-five Sports Hub and Lions Oklahoma City be the Celtics last night one thirty-one on a TD Garden Kevin Durant scored twenty-eight points for the winters and Celtics basketball offer president of basketball operations Danny Ainge realizes this team is not full speed these days last night was not our best effort in the haven't had any of those teams this year hopefully we can bounce affiliated with a good shown any competitive search for shoulder and crown off Angels aghast of the Toucher and Rich program this morning R ninety-eight five The Sports Hub softens.