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Listen: "Economists surveyed by bloomberg think will hear that confidence improved to bet since the end of november" BUSINESS REPORT

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School ebel had of communication says no comment on june johnson and now it's time for the cave why w business reported no trading all wall street monday for a preview of tuesday's post holiday markets here's jeff moment here from bloomberg business the conference boards december reading on consumer confidence will be released right after the start of trading on wall street and it could set the tone for today's trading economists surveyed by bloomberg think will hear that confidence improved to bet since the end of november data on october home prices and regional index is from the federal reserve banks of dallas and richmond will also be out this morning investors and economists are looking ahead to twenty seventeen joseph bruce whale of our us some hasn't up beat you for the us i think you're going to see some growth especially in united states were seen is selective easing on regulation elise early on a two thousand seventeen battle favor energy financial services in defense bruce way of us as to budget measures will likely be past in washington next year the first will include provisions dealing with the affordable care act the second will probably come in october and it is the one that will contain text changes i'm jeff bubble injured bloomberg business for kate why w news radio this this reports on cave or w news radio where twenty five and fifty five after every hour we have freakin american community in philadelphia is observing qualms of which is now celebrating its fiftieth anniversary hey by w's steve tawa takes a look at the holiday it's a celebration of community family and culture as a means to help african americans re cut act with their routes on each of seven nights observance light a candle recognizing seven core principles we visited them is anger shields home in the section a philadelphia with a place to cattle holder calder cup narrow holding seven candles on a qualms a table are she with the first black kendall my show sullivan of the qualms ago operative told us about the first principal emotion or unity and you know that you have discussed about that rather than a religious holiday kwon is second were encouraging people to research their history and to find their own sense a pride and unity it's more of a cultural holiday steve tawa kate wideout will you news radio.