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Are We Seeing The First Signs Of An Economic Downturn? 

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Justin Sullivan
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In jobs construction jobs job to get a little bit better or maybe not much more than a high school education and now some of those workers are trading down to closer to minimum wage jobs think that you explain how we can m and we want to play literally at four point nine percent we had a lot of people play lindor martin the work enough for me to have a job with the dab may not be what it paid what you know what the morris to treat a person at a decade ago were speaking with wall street journal economics reporter eric morass this pieces gold jobs recovery reaches plateau posing a challenge for forecasters are so what's next i guess from the business community what's it doing as it consumers this data right that's the big question already we've seen the lackluster investment and capital and machine building that type of thing i did business to take the third it's not cleat and continued but he played well bit start to back off you know what we kind in this range you know year moore earned ten mobile wrong and attributed the rib did you know could be the first blind side of a gradual slowdown back into the next downturn things eric wall street journal economics reporter eric more ras its twenty minutes now before the hour on this morning america's first.