What We Should Learn From The Global Vulnerabilty To Shortage Of Cybersecurity Talent

Intel online security expert Stacey Conner discusses the finding of a new global report by Intel Security in partnership with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), outlining the talent shortage crisis impacting the cybersecurity industry across both companies and nations.

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you've done a study global study Stacy and what you fine, well we found a lot of interesting, it's that the first thing that we really found with that the Vipers security paint helped him three Hill, but how much shortage on ended pretty white Bradley mentioned the moment ago that the buddy that we conducted with the global we talked with eight countries around the world, and three Hingle country came back pad and fed well we've got it, the two, that shortage that were taping, with my particularly talent. At one of the other thing is that we found that I thought was really interesting when they're good period lack of diversity, while he and he'll have an but what we found a way that, you know that the rate on it here in the us said, major lack of women in minorities that are applying for the player he carried a job, that or whatever it could've really more injury, finding that we count, this one is symbolism action items what are some logical next steps then, but there's a couple of things you know first of all you know it to the lack of diversity points, and you know as at hearing their grandparents to are you note starting to realize what kind of interest in curiosity point guard, the first game, you know they're certainly no lack of curiosity on the part of a kid went on in a kick knowledge to be a part of it, havlat and being contra old all about Duff it what they're really starting to get in turned it down, viber security, believe it or not and one of the first thing you can do it is learn to help them learn, the eighth year gaining knowledge in power to kind of protect him now and then it really that you know when when I went that young Parent, a lot of the buzzword were really on my guys you have to limit screen time limit screen time to an Al or knowing that you're kicked out wide to play but you know under and that when you when you're keep hearing eighteen whip if divide and their learning about their hybrid security environment. On one of the things that they're learning is really happen like that empowered him out there Pat apparently really kind, the guy their kids toward the wearing the field, and and you know getting in trade and traction on in Indian of trillion, it could be a trip parents would be, you know that the towering in favorite security on average about can point seven Chi the average wages and older brother job and that particular country