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Guest Seth Sherwood On Meeting His Wife (Part 2)

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Scott Olson
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It was hard to keep my eyes awful for an in led to another she we talk after the class and we had more than youth in uncommon and one thing that another line and an dinner and that he has had been has led hasn't looking for or for a long time and and that there isn't and lee we spend so much time together we love are our company together and it now thank god everything is just fantastic and the guy the bulls are because i saw the way she looks at you and it seems that just as much as she is the right thing for you you are the perfect thing for her as well and i could see that in her eyes as she looks at you when you look at her and that is just a beautiful beautiful thing you don't see that very often but i think when people are at their right stage of their lives and they know what that they want sometimes that just comes into their life is that trip so yeah exactly and i have a good friend who used to tell me they set is all about tiny it's all about timing and i would i would i didn't see the match that comedy harmony and that didn't work and i thought ok i'm not going to pursue that anymore i am going to focus on my work and then bone that happened then we have a lot we laugh a lot at hand he used much homer i want to see it is is a bad that's obvious looking at you too okay well let's switch it up now of course you have been doing speaking for quite a while helping people transformed their lives both in the business actor in the motivational sector and others you have a book called trains make you turns five simple steps to get your life on track helped us out set shore short thank you for that so i we've as a school teacher elementary school in high school teacher years ago back in there down in orange county fan and a high school and i started doing speeches with an organization called host masters that was going well.