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Vietnam Veteran Tells About His Unique Experience In Fort Wolters

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Patrick Christain Keystone USMC
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off you went to the well off we went to for waters Texans career Walter said yes and beautiful downtown mineral Wells yeah wait a minute we Welsh we jokingly all of us called an younow were all wielded to we call it miserable Wells in in in jokingly but almost a gosh and you'd never could sign I should people and Texas in general and then a Wells in particular. Or they were certainly wonderful they were certainly welcome mean to us when we got out there and it's a deemed amigos in the middle of nowhere nowhere an you know the, recreational facilities like possum kingdom lake really made me nervous, that's true but well there's two reasons why they can't holders which I support waters in the helicopter trend number one all the stage fills in all the landing zone say we had available to us or get into the army only on these simple fact that when we they quit user thorugh weekly music it we've very back. To the former they were all for free and also there was a lot of apparently general slight time whether wise whether wise and I heard that for water switches goodies places any and we could fly almost year around me there was pretty close like I remember I I I arrived there in January of nineteen sixty eight, yeah and you know we only had a couple of days or we had cold weather in one I storm and I think that was about it poll time we were there the that but it went out anyway so tell me about you know were talking me now with Bob for goes he author a book entitled black cat to one and your Santa say to one because twenty got people all confused in they couldn't figure out what at point here 21 wise that everybody was a dad cause I would sky cheaper to zero. And it's just the way that it was ever that's right the an so off before Walker well for water as you go an feared you learned out a fly would What type of helicopter, they always