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Craig Bierko Reveals What You Didn't Know About 'Unreal'

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this show had his i mean first I think it's really changed like times profile in a lot of ways could that's a little heads year them that Lizzie idea I believe the woman who changed, am seat right there in the ones who did madman right lifetime wanted to that they had been enormous matter respect the the base that they built you know this right here jerk er movies and and through but he does he to you know you do a move why I can't stop crying has not right but they wanted to do something that was edge you're so circuit Shapiro came in what the script call it wasn't called on real at that point it was a short from an lifetime loved it but it was very very dark it was it was a about how they manipulate right contestants and Sarah had worked on the batch and he did he worked on it for like ten years or something and, years but yeah lasted dark stuff Sherry Ann than so it's all it is the truth you know it's not you know and that it's television so it's heightened slightly but there's nothing they didn't you know really happened right it's just everything as happens all quickly services TV and I think they had a negative reaction to it i don't blame them for having a negative reaction the host of the show I think is marching orders my gas was to sort of com out against, you know our show which only you know and we and we could you credibility in a lot of ways you use that were not gonna say anything because we do not do we missed hurt you're feelings were doing this because this is bringing out interesting human behavior people here right that's why people like the show