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Listen: "If Trump ends up with the number of delegates that he needs in the primary process"

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Of points somebody who is not a straight construction as then the Republicans are completely correct to resist that appointment now why do I say that because there's an underlying issue here the reason this is such a big deal is because the court decides to much stuff the Michael adventure we Diggs had played before shoe Hewitt and thirty AM five ninety three answer this is rush it's why friends in a while because these guys don't have any time will be all chance to win Florida on March fifth however I should pointed out of joy you ladies and gentleman or Rubio and the Republican establishment had been hobbling and they are plopping ways I told you this I took what I did not like that it's culture that will be all Anson dollars establishing types of plotting ways the ball up the convention rush Labonte so bad welker at because that's not really possible with what all to deny a troll now here's the problem with that if Trump ends up with the number of delegates the divisions in the primary process there's nothing vacant there he has all the way that they can all the convention is it anybody nobody shows up with the minimum number ability to win one of one thousand two hundred and forty seven if they probably the Russian show weekday mornings at nine a.m. five ninety the answer Mike Gallagher show goodbye to have this whole jumper to make it a bad and I want to make event my calendar want to share with you a little bit of this article from the Federal is why so many millennials or socialist because one of the depression aspect of this presidential race is free to reach his full of young people get excited about burning said and you know that he's a shelf described shuffle valve socialist use a severe young persevere millennial of even if you're in your twenties thirties whatever and your and you're going to rallies and you're excited about Bernie Sanders Sean socialist What is it about social isn't that exciting other reasons why this phenomenon is occurring for example millennials don't even know what social was a mess that's one of the reasons and how much different from other styles of government the definition of social isn't U.S. government ownership of the means a production though the words through social was a requires the government run the brashness Mike Gallagher show weeknights at midnight right before the opening three on AM five ninety the answer Kealty debate coverage is back Thursday March tenth when you do hear all the live coverage right here five the answer.