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Listen: "Give us the way you see the top few quarterbacks going to whatever team"

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Chris Trotman
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It's only falling and NFL draft insiders dot not allowed to talk about and the first although it's only thanks for being with us for all of the projections we all know of guys like Ryan lead to Marcus Russell just because a quarterback is drafted high first he doesn't mean he's going to be successful so give us your overview if you could Of all the way he it maybe I don't know but not so what's your opinion but what you think NFL teams are doing I realize the combine hasta take place there's a lot of other things but give us the way you see the top few quarterbacks going to whatever team well I I Again I think with that but is it he could be poking glory could be determined by the combine if you go back to that but you guys Jared Goff of California Carson went at North Dakota State Paxton Lynch of Memphis really you know interchangeable a ended they are closely clump together so I think not just the on the field workouts but more so the interviews in the White below that will do and the knows that he'll do during interviews you have a guy worthy of a top five pick that could be determined I believe through Saturday when the quarterback Luck is close to wins what the tough twelve pick I really think that right now I've got him cost him win Paxton Lynch of Memphis I just don't know if it will be tough fifteen the top twenty pitched just yet one of the greatest differences and in some of those that I'm a here Goff point outing of his got an NFL body once you talk about the competition but boy he looks like he could be a bore goals Roth list for tight body Indiana fellow free to have success throwing the football helpless was some other Reggie your question I mean GAA but this out last week because I'm I'd be Peyton Manning's after Manning you year I mean a guy who's Smart a guy who's accurate who makes the right the two could improvise it is a real thing as you wonder how we view the holdup that he was going to be able to death underneath center in two thousand sixteen or you just continue the her third-degree mature cost the when he got that NFL body he's got the fall the fell on you devan added big body of work at the quarterback position on any player on it small little competition news World Medlen Collins competition to again how long Dupuis NFL ready Paxton Lynch he got.