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Listen: "They're trying to protect that runner a little bit more, and protecting those knees"

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Joe Robbins
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The pretty dangerous play because you the legs under you so what they would go to the now is that they will grab in both have been would get to that place and now you try to make it needed to be get inside the color Andy given that the yet but the nameplate in both if you wish that dangerous With the running back if it's really if it put a lot of threatens brain on the knee and they were trying to protect those elite the fifth who we should with that here is something that you know in basically that here here's the thing there with that if you win I had to do it it's probably the thing that we can but I think we're going to have to look at a little bit more right now they just going with the big play and that surer grabbing if that the about a call or or grabbing the nameplate because they're trying to protect got runner a little bit more protecting goes in the la they are big they've deftly starred Lookouts none of that more with this ruling we knew we could get it a body in terms of the explanation that makes got to tell you again appreciate on short notice star body the former NFL official inform NFL supervisor of Official June doubtless Jim always appreciate your Hopping up thanks a lot is always a great got the guy that reviewed Thursday sludge a very did all he could take those words that baffled us and he could make it nice unclear with this we stuffs I don't know why do your body over fourteen I always about the yeah I know that I know that but the other one-on-one I knew the good job you want for two fifty percent of baseball you D a Hall of Famer it's good to make tennis but controversy that continues to get Bigger next going deep of money to read and what's been handed BC Sports Radio.