WWII Navy Vet On Amphibious Training: This Is How The SEALs Trained Before There Were SEALs

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Christopher Furlong Keystone U.S. Navy
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one of the things you remember about those training days and and what it and CBS training consist of way back that San Diego's and babies training base and that training. And a fair amount of it was precursor to with the Seals to getting today there were two basic groups there when group was Call of Duty t the under water demolition teams in the other with a bow cruise and we were trained in a lot of combat we had to learn how to shoot all of our own equipment and the number of foreign weapon because if you got on the beach in your Bill got bus to the point you got to do is pick up which you got your vote or we had to thirty calendar machine guns in the back of the boat but you can't carry them also we would be trained to pick up any kind of weapon we can get their hands on and go health and the book of talking about these are Hagens both sell CPA'S yeah Hagens made of an Chris craft made him to they were built offers can be they Wade nine tons Indiana four hundred diesel engines and there when the. We've got higher than it or nine see you sometimes and rip tighten year to learn how to handle vote because if you didn't do exactly right to bow would bro each and even and training the last one guy because of overall over the nine tons of overload around that most people listening imagining have never been on and I'll see VP maybe they've I'm sure they seem to have pictures in film of them at Norman the audience sticks and that's of a mistake channel executive yeah so that people maybe are