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Listen: Were text old switch like leftovers movie seems children aimed at nine year old boy is

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Matt Winkelmeyer
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Saying and so Cal Hollywood maybe holding expressly foster announced which Urdu out tomorrow but the weight is over for thee industries worst they Goldman raspberry nominations fur worst picture have been announced and here's founder and head raspberry John Wilson fantastic for which with the bombing raids critics an moviegoers fifty statement grains which critics didn't like moviegoers it's not clear you could stand in cold live law caught and then and were text old switch like leftovers movie seems children aimed at nine year old boy is the rest as these will be handed out Saturday February twenty-seventh then in keeping with tradition the rise he's will be handed out the day before these Oscar's I love my money is gonna be argued butter ascending I love the raspy is I think it's funny yeah and it's what's really funny is when like what the nominees the the winner shows up to except they're prize that takes a lot of guys analyst rating up on this the red he's actually introduced the new category this year like the college the recovery whereas you persona has won arrested but is turn their career around and one of anomalies with you work this year is so Lester's alone who just won the Golden Globe create self he's a nominee work I guess right you're as you're whatever it's called I love that I love the said thinking over nothing wrong with that thank you very much bad that's not more Live and local.