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Listen: "Of the sixteen teams still standing, fifteen of them come from power conferences"

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Grant Halverson
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One three these these after hours with New Orleans it may not have been as dramatic for them to top the veteran action on Sunday but wanna make sure that we remind you the big dogs are also Eaton in fact of the sixteen teams still standing fifteen of them come from power conferences and a record six of them come from the ACC now Avila know about had just had a I don't wanna call to walk overdue that's not really fair but they are the number two seed in the foul and then in addition to that canvas Maryland Miami a top fourth feeds all coming out of the foul of region and so they are still standing up the clean bracket so to speak in terms of the Chalk it was a thirty point lead for them for no over Iowa Chris Curry no with the call of that won on the West would one and few Double a radio network been easier or again or again with a big victory over thing was now a thing just had ten nothing run in the second half the Hawks are waste the entire depth is that they were actually in front for a little bit but eventually or again ends up getting a few massive triples in Kevin collaborate with the called their so Oregon moves on to take juke out behind the woodshed now I have no idea Oregon the number one favor the first time in its program history Duke of course is one of the elite they are the defending champs and while they did mix it up with DAL this was a game I think we do you could Younger players even know got guys that are banged up the guy that keep ballot now is that Meter can Matt Jones not they on the court now I'm limping a little bit Britain in Graham was having some trouble to win this game again female other they've been pushed but it's still a lot of young guys out fans they Marshall Plumlee and and this is good experience for them to so do could Oregon in the West a them Oklahoma fantastic performance by buddy healed so on the left side of the bracket the Falcon the West maybe you came through fairly and skated the bottom line off on the mid west to east side of the bracket in primarily with the Midwest where yes Virginia is still standing as the number one fade against Iowa State but to get that and feared he is the only to double digits the eighth that survived a between sixteen they will play each other about the bottom there the Midwest I UN fee Indiana looking forward to that game and Notre Dame Rex hunger and Wisconsin Bronson Kane egg good stories good stories no matchup against each other it was an amazing four days.