Listen: "I think the torch has been passed to Steph Curry"

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Ronald Cortes
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Argue with Spurs fans no arm cant Warriors span well link alright anyway thanks for taking my call him egos and to get your question right quicker the most impressive thing and I think this year that The Warriors accomplished the which are questioned there is considering that they were coming off a championship from last year right eye that means they were the hunted your debt man's they were going to get everyone they have a shot so No Doubt the most impressed with fame with having no back-to-back Lott good comment given that the plate you can't game it's hard to me in any sport to do that Ok and I didn't Bank Colby was about to bow out of the league I think The Porch has been past Steph Curry he's been met but what about what about LeBron's on you miss Ron in there you miss the brought in there I'd Europe will be the man I'm sorry Le but you got a catch well okay well Ivory said that yes Colby is about to be dine in backed his final game is also Wednesday for you've got these two things happening on Wednesday Coby final game at The Warriors final game at home at Oracle their pursuit of seventy per a guy like what they are now Thursday in San Antonio about No so back-to-back losses because that is impressive I mean no other team has ever done that made history of the league but that's what these Warriors ago if we had another option on the show pull that we would have put the one thousand plus triples their way over one thousand triples now shooting better than forty percent as a team at least the last I checked The number right out of the exact number now a blazed a car show Paul after our CBS is our showed Twitter I read tweeted that as well as a lob radio.