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Are the Penguins Better Without Evgeni Malkin?

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Jim McIsaac
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I thought public high school because I don't have any Mulligan the Penguins in fourteen into the last too much of the season playing without him with the injury I never been a Martin and I don't think you matches Walter team oz Was your thoughts on that end either the defended our team about him Daisy Vinci said the team is king Henrik will stay on as added and the and the Rangers will win the series you know when you have to like that those I also think obviously it was attend was it because name Isles only Zimmer was an emotional before data Missouri because they've called up in so talking hockey with me I think that's the most hockey club Michel right there first we'll come up with team Henrik was pretty good this was a job is gonna point thought I mean welcomes a great player they've won fourteen of the last sixteen without him I don't know what you get in return but and he's always harder what is his hockey of which to speak that's what they play every four years and the Winter Olympic gets guys like me fired up but you know you see that I was going to what you know getting fired up for hockey you're getting fired up for United States long fire Well yes that's true it it helps to have a rooting for swimming no trash infield you know wow I watched the gold medal seat if that's what it's called should ensure nasty exceptionally not any sport that needs a judge I'm not into Wells and not know judge sports that includes boxing by the way the bye after one is that where they Steve an issue foles yes because they knew that because two things that should go together main shooting rivals that to me nothing says safety but the buyout on a serious note my like a limping hockey because I like the Larger ice surface and the games are so important you know you give three round Robin games in and the Olympics in the group play before you move on and everything single in the nation that's what I I like the sport of hockey but the NHL wake Leo pointed to Game seven.