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Listen: "For the first time since December the Indiana unemployment rate has increased"

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Fourteen twenty W us local who knows for the first time since December the Indian on a play Raiders increased if every rate stood at four point seven percent up slightly from January despite the rise the private sector and sixteen nine hundred jobs last month Indiana department workforce development commissioner Steve runs as more than thirty-five thousand Hooters every trying to leave reports and found jobs over the past two months Indiana continues have a los unemployment rate in the region I division at four point eight percent I with four point nine percent Kentucky at five twenty percent and Illinois six point four percent is also out pacing the national rate the Indian to build Associations a single family building permit in Indiana Rose thirty-seven percent in February they did hit eight hundred seventy-four permits last month compared with six hundred and thirty-six during that same period the previous year data from the us senses bureau and the department Irving development also shows permits increased thirty-three percent that worry compared to the previous month also permit numbers for the first two months of two thousand sixteen up sixty percent from the first few months of two thousand fifty a settlement agreement has been read regarding Merrillville base Mitch schools proposed seven year infrastructure improvement plan Indiana Office of utility consumer concert says if approved the agreement will reduce Kabel cause for the project Beatty million dollars that was original propose would across one point three three billion dollars which would have been subject to recover from customer through periodically Tracker increases the agreement reduces that much of one point to five billion dollars including annual kept on the ring recovery the agreement also includes a private replacing utility streetlights with energy fish analogy lighting throughout the school service area hospital product will be divided evenly between municipality ten customers the OU CC says up to three point five million dollars loss will be made available for an economic development project as the Kings very industrial park in look for County beat deal that product and the work on were not released a settlement agreement also involve a lot more kind of border Commissioner's B Indiana municipal utility group and industrial customers the settling Parties will file testimony in support of the agreement with the Indiana utility regular Torey commission which can modified accept or reject the proposal entirely Mike pained him for teams will be WI amassed the talk of the South Shore.