Dan Hampton Recalls His First Impression Of Buddy Ryan

Dan Hampton, retired Hall of Fame American football defensive tackle who played twelve seasons for the Chicago Bears from 1979 to 1990 in the National Football League, bids Buddy Ryan farewell.

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I'm ending, in a film Room and that I was going to the pre draft visit into Chicago, and I came in amid rumours close smoking The, there was a projector on and he didn't even turn off the projector turn the lights on an shake hands and do all the niceties, he basically with again on the offensive year buddy Ryan's inherent opened the door to that pay, they are can sit on here, which started watching film and after about him minutes we go see the number to replace him with you, and this was even drafted, and he said deck judge grip players in the Hall Of Fame but I'm gonna replace him with you, we're going to build a hell of a defense tonight, it's just that's where he was everything was about, as you know, want him I gonna do in how my going to get there and, the ultimate lead, you know him and, it's like you you know you're here known basically a new burning Closer Pro Football these days will John met. Well as New earning Bush a Pro Football for a long time and every time I see Johnny, Fisher said it was a great defense he ever solves so, you know me in at all, and it all originated from, one, James Buddy Ryan