Listen: "One of the best nose tackle's in the NFL"

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Chris Graythen
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Coming up right ankle Sam Amick lack N.F.L. Films senior producer Greco sat we've done thirty-eight minutes the mentioning the news is broken The Niners of resigned on any in Williams we had a Broadway graded out as one of the best nose tackle's in the N.F.L. did I know nobody notice because The Niners socks last year but it well yes seven thirty-five micro co high Kirk and a thirty-five Giants sideline reporter in the Jimmy Butler Paul A.V.G. towns has always are six A.B.D. sports they'd time now for that yard that recruited networks boards update states got one year Monday dates who wears smirk does mention the N.F.L. said three open for business it a lot clank this afternoon and a number of teams about a lot Dobson key free agent pieces Forty Niners stink defensive tackle Ian Williams to a new five year deal Raiders are reportedly set to see alive Becker Bruce Irvin away from the Seattle Seahawks one Rams corner Geno is Jenkins is expected to sign with the New York Giants well Bill defensive end Mario Williams as report agreed to a two year.