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Listen: "Very rarely If ever we see the National Football League"

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He was one of those guys a commanded the respect like that like the Colts and what he said something you listen to it I wonder if that did better Robey body the wrong way because it's is that it is an odd hierarchy you never see that and you'll see in high school we certainly don't see in college very rarely If ever we see the National Football League absolutely it probably good you know and and as a young guy coming in you know young all kinds of GAA you know probably be a little difficult to understand you know that Nill because it's almost like OK if he doesn't like you not going up you a part of the team enough and I don't really think I'm bet it was like that I remember Tony Dungy the first meeting with always say you know talk about you don't know hazing in that sort of thing and I mean and he would always tell the younger play if you can help us win you know event the vets will like you so you know it's all about winning and it was the No was all business when it came to you know who's going to be the best person to fit within what we're trying to do and you know a common got the big guys didn't take that personally you know weeks you know we knew it was a business sanctioned out of the gate cut you know maybe a got it maybe better than the next guy but he didn't fit in well well you know we were trying to do so displeased so I think we did a good job having guys around the Nets were for years in light it look on a hard to break into the lineup to begin with you know June play with more championship with Peyton first couple years he spent in in Indianapolis behest of this cato you know usually one of the characteristics for the OHL timers whether it's a Jordan the Colby a Tiger Woods even though that's an individual sport.