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Infidelity Expert Danine Manette: How To Catch A Cheating Spouse

Investigator and infidelity expert Danine Manette suggests what you should look for if you think your spouse is cheating on you.

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"You just don't take one phone number or one piece of paper or one wink into confrontation, you let them add up and you take a big overall picture."

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You're looking at your spouse and for whatever the reason you're starting to say to yourself maybe there's something wrong here, are there red flags to look for? - There are lots of red flags, your intuition but also behavioral changes. Money that's being spent differently, someone who their schedule is starting to change, rather than coming home at a certain time every evening they come up with some activity that they're deciding to do that's more important. Very secretive when it comes to cellphone talking, going outside to have conversations or not talking in front of you at all. Computer screens that are changed, accounts that you're noticing that are set up. Just different behavioral things, names of people and friends that are coming up that you never heard of before. Someone who changes the way that their demeanor and the way that they dress or behave when they're leaving for work. They seem to be getting real excited. And you know it's not always a physical betrayal sometimes it's an emotional, and an emotional affair is often times more dangerous because it's kind of like a crush that never gets realized and you can harbor that for a long time. With a physical sometime when you actually have the physical act you realize that this is not what I thought it was going to be and you can kind of move away from it, but when you're carrying around an emotional connection and you're having an emotional infidelity experience that can last an awful lot longer. - Alright so you recognize some of the red flags, then what do you do? Do you confront the person? Do you let them add up, how do you deal with it? - You let them add up. You just don't take one phone number or one piece of paper or one wink into confrontation, you let them add up and you take a big overall picture. You look at everything, you look at everything that's going on in the relationship and you gather more information. You look at the email situation, you maybe talk to somebody who works with or is friends with or would have inside information, maybe the wife of a girlfriend you know of his friend or the girlfriend of his friend or somebody that you know is a mutual friend or someone that can maybe give you some insight. You just you know you do your own digging. There's so much spyware honestly out there that can help people uncover infidelity.