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Listen: "That's why productivity is so important to an economy"

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Spencer Platt
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You may not be producing more product at that point the true by it but the officials see him producing what you have to produce is where you will reap the the actual road boards and and that's matter that's why product Tiffany is so important to an economy and and that's why productivity is actually measured as a part of eight countries a caught a me but we live now and and we've admitted we've lost this argument Americans believe the government can run the economy in the Republican Party is now jumped aboard their believing that eight eight eight person or a party can manipulate and economy into success and as we have said they show us where that happens surest the history of that being successful right when when the social as some of the government getting more involved in industry helps all let's go back to the John Starks will host the other day from Salon dot com three years ago this type of social is.