Listen: "What are the keys that you stress for your team offensively"

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Noel Vasquez
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Days it's tough and you have to be prepared and ready to go every night but I just think that could hurt you for tournaments play you know when the first game in the second game you know I just think all that stuff compare issue Richard kids you know battle-tested and we've been battle-tested but that's the one thing is eat the first two games for the first four days I get first two around that kind of put up for the underdogs in for a great TV center relevant posted a timeout start something today the Sweet Sixteen feeling about thirteen fourteen you know BCS program this year that's fifteen the courts which is really another major you're authentic continues to be successful putting up more than eighty points per game even though you play in factor physical successful contract like a Big twelve one of the key that you stretch for your team offensively we got a good player you get around whatever you want if you don't have good player you're going begin and in a tough situation and then shut started George meaning it or not Monterrey unbelievable point guard as getting there isn't a country but he endured a first for the skilled forward your body really complaint position on the floor four when you have two guys like that you're fishing he's going to be really what really really good it's the biggest thing we get stressing that for the new kid are already prep with really well but plan for Predators from denied the way I played where I came from the space the floor picture Baking good make ensure worked in the extra pass shot selection but spacing is the biggest thing or we like to talk about and then really making the extra pass I thought some comments from George about playing in a tweet sixteen actually getting to experience said where two years ago he was unavailable he was in a walking boot what does this mean to him now to be fifteen you're at it for flash can't I think everything so he has beaten happy that she known throughout this year update your best players have to play Green mark for you to win and Peter than him twenty-eight again and eternal right now and playing extremely well I think he was a huge difference a lot on in the first half with little Rockets so I think you don't agree ride in at the big thing you want to coach what should have been one of the year a lot of success so Um you know he's going to be ready along with the rest of our guys on Friday that's part of my conversation with the Iowa State men's basketball coach Steve promise from earlier in the show off after hours of a meal or if you're on CBS Sports Radio.