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Survey Finds Interesting Results On Clinton Voters 

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Bryan Thomas
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The people who would be responsible for his electing our first female president don't seem to care much about making that happen the pew research center asked it survey participants about ten possible motivations for voting for hillary clinton the least important factor of the ten tested the prospect of electing the first female president here's aaron blake at the washington post and what's up here when it came to hillary clinton supporters they were asked whether the fact that she would be the first female president what a major factor hurt them only twenty nine percent said that one that was less than other factors such as for personality such is the fact that she with the democratic nominee and it was far less than cited things like her qualifications for the job in her experience so i think it's just an interesting little window into how people you know what perhaps despite the quipping campaign efforts to play out it's significance of her potential presidency they're not really all that excited or at least they don't see that there that excited about the prospect making her the first female president did they happen to dig into why this isn't the bigger issue for voters well it's hard to say with jimmy certainty the city didn't really killed into that too much you know i personally have been following this kind of holing finding for a while now i think it it's words comparing it back in two thousand and eight when we were confronted with the idea of having our first block president if you look back then people also didn't seem to think that was the reason for their coach they may have thought it was a nice thing to have the first black president but they didn't do they were voting for president obama because of his range and so i think there is perhaps a little something here where people don't like the idea that their voting for somebody simply because of something they were for what whether it there rates are tender maybe it's something that they white can may very much like the idea female president but they love to think that there voting on other things like the policy proposals and who they are as a person so you know the whole may understood how much of affectionate actually is but i think given the clinton campaign has played up the fact i think it was just the baby that much which had with that.