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Medal Of Honor Recipient Describes The Intensity As 300 Taliban Fighters Attacked

Staff Sergeant Clinton LaVor "Clint" Romesha of the 4th Infantry Division

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October thirty I had all six o'clock in the morning right gnarly Biden just gotten off guard a few hours before so also racked out on a rounds can manage this new this wasn't, you know they everyday normal wakeup call attack we know where hidden shot bad on average about long today, but that morning when I came on I was like listen something more this is the real deal guys. And I'm looking at a you know in hindsight the way they can doses exactly that big game plan we came up with herself and so one preparation for that we've tried to do a little banks improve are situation, Chanel in certain areas create jobs in battle positions and an times and are quite elegant first came on number X and it woke up and after market, and my radio on my paternal time was seen perimeter security problem but doors task during, i troops and contact firefighter permission of course tears Al free supply whatever you know was out on the perimeter what ammunition and reinforced battle positions. So some send their kind of situation reports from my guys on the perimeter and I never reported common end is taking overwhelming fire, that's precisely that is an artist and amount an they're trying to work on fire had a native most the weapon systems why name to a what's known as the cycle greater fires fast unlike firewalls fifty thousand conforming so Mark maintains they were kind of core back at the enemy, and then you had great elevated positions I had great support by fire set an but they could suppress would one and maneuver around the get a better better angle on are defensive positions. And the right away we know how much they could get an direct fire support or close air support it goes and me along they were an enemy were smart they can sell you hit are hormone Morse right off the bat that so we could get are Morse up and running, AP friction was on the hell out I just this alchemy second only support us but they