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Listen: "How would he manage the likes of Russian president Vladimir Putin and others?"

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Andrew Renneisen
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Channel in Iowa the reason doesn't like that anchor Megan Kelly will be one of the moderators some not a fan of Megan Kelly I think she's a third rate reporter I think she frankly is not good at what she does social media wondered if he can handle a top journalist like Ms Kelly been how what he manage the likes of Russian president Vladimir Putin and others he sounded off in a video released on Instagram probably I will be doing the that they have something else and I will do something we raise money for thethe veterans Andy wounded warriors little do something simultaneously with the debate but most likely I'm not gonna do the debate campaign spokesman says he will not be there Fox in a statement said it would still welcome Mr trip AP decides to attend quote but he can't dictate the moderators of the questions qualify for tomorrows primetime debate by the way Trump cruise Rubio Carson Bush Christie case sick and Paul be under card will feature fee arena Hawk AB Santorum an Gill more.