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Professor Jane Mansbridge: Why The American Democracy Can Withstand This Toxic Wave

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Who began the term with that feeling prediction from former supreme court justice david suter and now let's take that on what do you think can democracy with stand all this turbulence when voters might be tempted to tryout someone selling stability larry diamond a professor at stanford university so the global track record might alarm you overall diamond found the twenty seven countries experience to break down in democracy between two thousand and twenty fifteen yesterday for instance the turkish government detain top leaders of the opposition party effectively removing any checks in power for what was considered a bastion of democracy in the middle east diamond says during this period authority government's have been in boldin we've been in a global recession of freedom and democracy in the world going back ten years it's been a relatively mild one but in the last two to three years with the setbacks to democracy an crucial countries thailand turkey he now you see this the good i'm not a crowd has been elected in the philippines it's been gathering steam jenny man's bridges a professor of the harvard kennedy school an author of beyond adversary democracy men's bridge says some of the same forces are at work in our own democracy but we also has some very robust safe guards it's not the two bad for our country we have a long history of democracy the american people are very committed to democracy so we can withstand a great deal two things are toxic one the language that people are you seeing and pain anger the people are sharing again i think the sox kind of day proud more structural which is that are party supposed to part for perfectly understandable reasons and we're going to have to get used to a form of doing democracy that where night you stir in the united states and that the system was never set up to handle what do you think of the underlying forces did make it difficult to determine what the mainstream is all about one is inequality as i think a lot of people know now inequalities back to the level that it was in the age we had a very high inequality one my parents used to take me down to see the newport mansions and then we had them to pressure and then.