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Listen: "I don't quite know why the lions lost"

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Stacy Revere
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Who did that game which out and cool by the way yes he is he's like i don't know what happened there with losing his mind any should because that should have been pass interference right there so you know you look at this game yesterday and i don't quite know why the lions last won their longest a triple they couldn't catch the fourteen foot he and also don't of ben's doesn't human excuse with always next man up and all that kind of stuff after all y ha when you you're down three one batters and one of them is copeland who doesn't play linebacker these things are going to happen and that's why didn't tennessee is not a very good football team that will also did but they were sloppy well yeah but it but i'm sense might one loss to tennessee was also sloppy una i didn't see a discernible different to maybe that's why it was a one point final more when you don't scoring at second if you lose football games lie i know but the upton's if you look at some of the number jonathan's wasn't horrible defense we said on friday had to do one thing in that was gets a mary ota they did they got to mary ota they definitely affected him now in the fourth quarter when he had to be terrific he was let him on eighty three yard touchdown drive but i just i i look at the reasons why the lions lost the game and i don't think they were clearly the worst team.