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Top Google Searches This Week: From Chicago Cubs To Who Is Meghan Markle? 

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Jonathan Daniel
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Thinks being with us welcoming of friday time now for a weekly look at what we've been searching for the most on the line over the past few days were join now live by good trends expert charlotte smith to morning charlotte i guess we just are with the chicago cubs hey cathy should good morning gordon yeah this week the chicago cubs won the world series for the first time in one hundred year ish yup pants and now that the shared knowing that i curse of the billy get has finely and let this is lock of people searching tweaks for more information about where and when kane game seven of picking plays you ll on the world is that you know there's during the rain and how many games but had actually wanted throughout the people and and back is enough search cubs player which crept bryant the third baseman hit ended up making back final out ain't going came to camp everywhere putting myself always this right you're cubs man yeah i hammock have the stands since when august more for real i am a bandwagon an entire eighty nine he'll protection tough you know what on sports over the indians of the most of america was that was tearing for the cubs for sure they're parade today biden new in in chicago what about the standing rock north dakota yeah watt just confusion this week around it standing lock we had more than one point five million people check in on the puck if the part of that he had both have up to be part tactical to figure out whether or not defense for actually in north dakota you know the people searching for more information on what ending wrapped it is imperative in why people are both tough thing not that complicated it's you know we're going to be much like in the coming weeks and for pat unfold to this league allow this morning with google trends expert charlotte's missed talking about the things we've been searching for the most online the past few days oh so who is this megan markel while american that ball is one of our top search benefits week because she preparing if you grow mike love and traffic still a lot of cryptic pointed harry fan for like might solve to separate the question break who my.