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Listen: i don't think the stock market has like just good that nutrient so

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You know they will really of the year raise and I don't know a bigger reason is because of the recession and and the laws the congress made that made credit availability so much tighter propose individuals and companies you have to worry about the you know where companies were gonna get there funding from ordered a quarter that I have some impact on property you have a big impact on investor psychology now on the plus side Congress you know whether not fewer agree workers spending the programs the Congress just approved the big budget and the transportation before earlier and member they were added some fire city economies their time you're bills but I think at a wide I thought estimate of four point two five percent increase to the gross domestic product this year i don't think the stock market has like just good that nutrient so you know I think that these market will resume but it's normal pattern are going up about ten percent during election year and them into the after the election able pause and we might have a correction at that point what be as I said the market hasn't reacted core Congress didn't December the volatility is scary people away from the stock market those it doesn't that mean that weekend I'd volatility be gets more volatility it seems yeah i mean it means that the market won't explode army upside because you know I have the retail investor in their generally the have are robust ball market you need be return of the retail investors an what's happening is has the rumors retire you know they're not in a as a investing heavily in the stock market anymore the probably heavier in cash because about the start tapping there for a one case in an the younger people have seen what happened in the market what happened of their parents and I've seen the volatility and so there are reluctant to think too much money and there this again happen in the seventies where the retail investors are burnt nineteen sixty nominate been comeback per ten or eleven years and so I think it'll be maybe two thousand two seventy in two thousand eighteen before the little guide across the market again and thinks a significant amount of money in the cycles repeat themselves decade after decade after decade Jim don't they but they do about every ten years but I anchorage blow lucky economy and scanner everybody out of the market it's almost like clockwork Jimmy take contributing editor at parents I'm Francis rose you're listening to the John bachelors show.