Here's How The First Oil Pipeline Was Built

Speaker- Chistopher, Historian and author of a book

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Rockefeller employed several strategies to try to some for the pipeline the pipeline company had to buy a single on broken stripped of land over a hundred miles long in order to complete the pipeline and so what Rockefeller did was try as hard as he could to buy all of the land rights in blocking stripped in addition to just sort of trying to by these property rights Rockefeller was also completely happy to fight dirty so she would send agents into the feel that pretended to be pipeline employees to throw off the progress on the project and he even higher someone who ended up dressing has a bomb and that bomb would sit outside the pipelines Telegraph office where you can actually here the quick quick of the Telegraph memorize those messages and up reporting them back to standard oil up for this was frontier capitalism at it sort of dirtiest and perhaps most representative alright so there's all this cold drudgery going on and so this mean that David defeat Goliath yes so turns out actually by the end of may eighteen seventy nine the pipeline is completed and they put the oil in the pipeline it starts to flow there's a brief moment of panic because the pressures in the pipe suddenly rise enormously and so after shut down the pipes they opened up one of the pipes and discover their several pieces of wood and wrote stuck in the pipeline and they're never quite share whether this was careless workers or deliberate sabotage but they cleared out re start the pots and a few days later and early June eighteen seventy nine the first oil Reisen Williams scored it's a great success there's a spirited celebration in fact one of the funny stories about this is that several decades later in the nineteen thirties Kern and hammers teen actually produce a musical called highlight and have some and the whole plot centers around a group of oil man trying to defeat an evil railroad magnet by building that pipeline