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Listen: "next week there is no football, cause I did not count the Pro Bowl"

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Ronald Martinez
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Hash tags that one Peter shorts his favorite things so when out 20 weeks than any NFL season next week there is no football decided not count the Pro Bowl and then after that at the Super Bowl you won't be here that Sunday night anyway what would you do would have to go out with some other ready utilize hash tags on the show you love hash tag life you know he's just tweet them in even though I'm not there are you know I could still Twitter rarely get over the last time he tried to this you ones do soccer and yet the NFL I try the below will seek you know that when we obviously duo on the football on the Super Bowl yeah okay so what's years I would go a hash tag Pistons a place in history They're allowed a cool things about Peyton Manning being back in the Super Ball most of which he gets a chance he even his Super Bowl recorded a two into I think that from his number one or two he gets a chance to join the very exclusive list of quarterbacks have won two Super Bowls including his Bosch John Elway and his brother as his brother Reaves more him the things Boston's brought out the cause brother probably too but and also we don't know what his future plans are but did not many great athletes they get the go out on top his ball stayed will see if he could do at service are gonna go hash tag ping's place in history Payton will it as long as he does start the Super Bowl will supplant John Elway as de oldest quarterback never the start in the Super Bowl producer Tom you're up next Ennis hash tag waves world because I just have to give some credit a Wade Phillips whom came up with an amazing game plan somehow motivated these guys play through every single play had date they totally ruined Brady in the same out San eyes as time you to fan some pressure Brady got the player they wouldn't have to really blitz anymore their their rushing three in for an Brady was feeling is fear all over the place an you know what people don't take away films very seriously in fact la people think he's a joke his head coaching recognize eighty two in 64 Now he's always had a little bit troubles a head coach in the playoffs he's always been a Connie coordinator any may have had its finest moments an not maybe the biggest names career as a corner an I gotta give him the credits today now the game plan that now credit though the Broncos personnel over being able to execute the game plan you have tab smart personnel you gotta got guys I gotta have guys who can cover and of course the front three being able to rush Brady without a lot of blood thing packages help until put pressure on him so it it certainly it certainly has the deal with the guys on the field but Wade Phillips has changed ID but we John Elway one NBA championship defense I he put a lot of money and effort into that side of the ball and Wade Phillips is the purple guy who's been able to bring out the best in the likes Yvonne Miller and Derek Wolfe into markets where and course the secondary alright I think up next like what the court he alliteration scored a quick BP Rielly here last week when I'd Isaac was dropping court he quirky finally figured out we finally figured out the demand quirky quirky has all these years how many years I think in my whole life it's okay you all you have learn new things this year like to make brownies and now you know quirky know you guys seriously make me smarter and I appreciate you guys but they are asking you smarter that night.