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Listen: "The Patriots are not getting their first round draft pick back"

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And Roger Goodell city is not aware of any settlement talks with Tom Brady patriots are not getting their first round draft pick back is whether report is brought to you by a Boston's Ahl Gurley thirty ninety reason Boston with an afternoon high of forty for others which trending on WEEI and WEEI dot com a zone it's Dennis and Callahan I did received a letter from Robert a few weeks back also responded to him I didn't think there's any new information in there clauses alter just opponents we know changes to dispose with John Dennis yell are the No get ready youth the Bruins the plate that beautiful molehill if you'd like that we did well like I hate out Jerry Callahan deal or not this year he won the competition of the private related here that I got the unpaid I don't know we're talking about Nash I I don't have any idea will accrue with not know what they mock the radio shows it attracts and Kirk minute you think you should get honored by Libby S would be one where you want to go youngest player go I want you to go to the guys you right now an All State ticket pick at times of the bye won the after the really want to go board Kurt board and Kurt will play on sports radio WEEI I know it seems to me that the overriding theme of today's program could be stranger relationships your station at the NFL Roger Goodell and the owners track that is another one right up he's a draining rain relationships I guess a lot of time in fought in Effort and Energy certainly based on what could Del said yesterday were he essentially the spanked Robert Kraft in front of the whole world we always wondering what is the relationship now between craft and Roger Goodell behind closed doors does do they hate each other this crafted him as he sick of craft whatever the case may be and of what mad dogs said dijo one your Podcast is true or maybe another set of strain relationships which has tonight Robert Kraft feel like the owners have kicked him and the Knox when Joe great I guess I guess but you know what it keeps doing this goes back to it when and what you think those owners thought of Kraft when I got good right I do that in his own Vina away Roger Goodell has cleared up a number of things at least for me I'm in spent fourteen months and we got a lot of questions and end at times it seemed very baffling very confusing behold the plate gate that but don't you feel like it's kind of been cleared up.