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Listen: The one stay here all the time of Peyton Manning is he's never won a game with a temperature is below forty degrees

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Talk Broncos sideline reporter Indian window NBA We know you give makes that say anything you want the one stay here all the time of Peyton Manning is he's never won a game with a temperature is below forty degrees so maybe the temperature being a little warmer on Sunday afternoon will help pay in is that whole thing about the cold lizard pain never having William under 40 is that i think it is I think if you wanna talk about us rigid game an you know the snow coming down at all full conditions I think so I mean I don't think it I don't think we were above 40 last week when he beat the Steelers so and I know he's won two games under forty like they play the tight ends in the regular season and he had the same a slight are play by play Garrett said River wrote that near the constituent shut sundown shine so he's once in games there I don't know what it's about the cold I think it is more about a strong winds you know there was a strong win last week I think it limited both games you know I would worry about the temperatures much as I would worry about the windy conditions which I guess like a said at the storm that's predicted become in and like something a little bit earlier that maybe guests prize alright I know you make you will be in Denver and I know you sit on the sidelines with a budget dies with helmets shoulder pads or a lot bigger than you well last game away fit that began the we're go in what you're traditionally and well I know I'm in the minority especially the further yous we get the more people I thought you seem to think that with a shot I mean I think the Broncos win I think it's an ugly game I think it looks like the Pittsburgh game where the winning score comes late in the fourth quarter I think both teams will be at the whole time I think it's gonna being at the talk but Denver hasn't everyone beat that Denver hasn't been extremely good at all got the crowd supports the state's he wrecked is not what is everything that is may gauge it it's it's a lot of that inside Gillette Stadium they're not so good when they get outside Gillette Stadium my people expected this game I think the proper intent is chomping at the bit and I think they Manning is some of the rest up I think all that's gonna be enough to win State twenty-four twenty-four Andy keep holding a crystal ball big over the Super Bowl winner looms does it matter by the way is this patience final run I think he's done I think being injuries have been the hardest thing it's tougher Mia say that because Josh If there were any of us how you build try to come back and get one more win the break that tie with far is behind me all that career worked a stay stuck tight-lipped partners gotta be frustrating and an depth so that wreck really matters in the regular season At the start another game in order step director but I think he's probably I don't think he comes back I think regardless I think the Broncos have to choose between Manning in us well I think right now they would ultimately chooses spots well for the long term but the sea McCown offers us whether it's it's free agent if they struggling came the need the quarterback the Trout out the whole decides over playoffs well maybe they move one maybe that creates a window review Kate Manning back from a little bit but at this point right now I think this is probably the final ride any great stuff I appreciate the time enjoy the game He soon fall taken anyone Dolly sideline reporter for Denver Broncos radio network number called you only part of the show eight five five two one two four two two seven but so skill one quick team here before the top of the market Ohio marker on CBS Sports Radio.