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Combat Historian: The Standards Of The Navy SEALs

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one of things folks immediately think of when I think of Navy SEAL's today of course is he almost super human standards required athletic we need to be able to qualify finance were those type of standards in place from the from the gag or where they severely ratchet enough overtime. No it we've seen something that she could misdemeanors word Cory there in terms of physical standards but what they did signed with the mental capabilities of these guys were extraordinarily in their own stew were looking for just trader reporters were into like that they were looking for guys who were kind Renaissance man, that were out of the box thinkers these and then and then the person would be put is really have to develop this stuff from scratch and most cases can who were not be and triple because right there movie back at the next segment here on Veterans Chronicle's were speaking with Patrick O'Donnell the book is first CEO thing untold stories boardroom America's Most elite Munich will be right back on break aromas listens patterns. General Steve rich reasoning handle means farther clothing, and several Muir Mrs when he really needed by first article burdensome known and three on the road engine those are some stores, probably shouldn't be American veterans totaling seeing owners inside of Americans something you gotta keep their story Lofting