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Listen: "Between the Thunder and the Spurs"

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Ronald Martinez
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And two seventh rounder is punter lock Edwards from Sam Houston state and Clemson wideouts are on peak and be a class Western Conference Semi tipped off between the Thunder and the Spurs not exactly a thrilling Tony Parker ticket let's not against Russell Westbrook remind Aldridge around Green Parker right behind the back pass to Aldridge mid range jumper one Marcus Aldridge chemistry he's been sixty-two the Bills joining Spurs radio Spurs crushed the Thunder a one twenty-four ninety-two in Game one on today's schedule to Game seven seed host the Hornets at one at Pacers at the Raptors at eight and in between Game one of the other Western seventies Warriors home of the trailblazers soccer NYC SCB thank over three to their supporters brought to you by he spends for Matic all we all drive fine you're try stay dealer at NBA USA dot com tickets to Ws fans Boomerang Karns celebrity basketball game I con a second Arena on same Johns University campus May six now on sale at a Reds storm takes dot com lower level tickets twenty dollars upper level is fifteen all proceeds benefit The Joe Tsuji Lamb more you'll find fifty-two degrees and scattered showers heavy rains on the way that's what's happening on Pete Mundo a twenty twenty Sports on WFAN sports radio sixty-six and one oh one nine FM flagship station for Boomer and guard morning six still ten and friends Asked on the fan afternoon's one to six thirty more.