Listen: "For these teams who need a quarterback okay, I will really be giving up a draft pick"

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Jamie Squire
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And the thank thank you for taking my call him miss him that little that you mention are not taking any of those quarterbacks are the three Eustis to susceptible back there getting hit by thing film on him Ryan per patch or the when he's never been a big win or you to reach with that actually Amy I'll be going after a backup Bobby Portis fourteen comedic quarterback okay lo will really be given up a draft pick or PIT get a backup quarterbacks but just taste McDaniels when the teams or good on the phone with the Ripken and try to get Colt McCoy even get on the phone with the Rex Ryan's and try to get a where you three with he Jay Magna Cum for one year I'm also looking ahead both Drew Stanton from the Cardinals and and all that and we thrive will go after a game McCann from on the bank of the give up a couple of draft picks get him through best around with what do you think game I think there's not a snowballs teens in Haiti is that the Redskins part with Colt McCoy because they have kept the three quarterbacks in the fabled to this point argued three Kirk Cousins Colt McCoy cold happy there so you it you would have to pry him away but he's he's happy there he's indicated that and now we have to que beef that have any type of experience and they've got a good system they've been the fifth him for a couple years I don't think that the Bengals are going to be willing to part with a Jamie care and he there he's still in his rookie contract so they don't need detailed and after what happened last year with nineteen teams using multiple quarterbacks because of injury or ineptitude with the Bengals being one of those what the broken Dom for any Dalton a Jimmy caring coming in and doing really well for his first time I don't think they're going to be willing to part with the me there hedge if they get eleven interesting story Doug Peterson high on him but he doesn't have a lot of starting experience really doesn't have a lot of playing experience in the NFL so you bypass Ryan Fitzpatrick can argue Three who do have experience and waiting experience to the persona some proven interesting eight five five two one-two four two two seven Robert in Albany New York welcome after our CBS portray what do you think.