Derek Dellinger On The Thin Line Between Fermented And Rotten Food

Derek Dellinger, author of 'The Fermented Man', discusses the subjective distinction between edible and moldy food.

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some for mentored food slight the slanted delicacies of permited Shark me to describe his tasting rotten why would someone one it's something that takes round, that's a great question and and something that I S.T., understood it that I met you know, he was really enjoy the stuff I I went there to try this, let's call the whole Carle which I'm probably don't even pronouncing correctly but run Shark me, and it's one the most punching tunes in the world, but the only way you can each Shark meet that part of Shark meet is if it is for meant to Corretja from a tation is you know one of the benefits is it's great for the pre digesting the food I'm making it, more More nutritious and more Easley digest of the humans and in this case often you know for tation remove toxins or poison said that the body can handle it also the shark is highly poise mess if you don't from and if you just need to crawl, the Ohl, he'll be poise and might die so the only way the engine I Saunders could it this, Shark me and presumably survive office type of me was by for running it so that it Rich I had no choice and evolved into this kind of national delicacies when he draw the line between something that is out for mented and something that's run to the point where it's spoilt I know a lot of people who are very pleased when they see I'm old form on it she said he just cut off the Malden then they beat the rest of the cheese and others who feel the cheese is been spoiled right absolutely it's it's the spectrum I mean there's probably no, no way to draw clear-cut line where from tation Anze in rock begins because you know unit, even with many for foods, the paint how you prepare them depending what you do if someone's third down from Renting, if you love ajar sour credit sit out eventually will also rot calm it's it's this micro legal battle between the Falcons millions of different, Mike Reds competing for resources so, your kind of forming Alliance with certain micro in the active from tation, for the sake of, the warding off the half a Jannik or than bad bacteria and hoping the good ones, you know if if you're right to preserve the food for you know as long as he needed to be preserve D.E.