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Listen: "I have to bury the Islanders just because I'm a Devils fan"

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Bruce Bennett
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Game six is earning the thing but in sports I'm tell you that watched in Pittsburgh that is that is Must See CV there's there's no secret about that and yes run NBC Sports Radio final moments with Schonert Roark and I have to bury the Islanders just because I'm a Devils fan and I can not very the Islanders the thing I didn't like about it was the rhetoric that I was hearing whether it was the coach whether it was the announcers the pundits whatever just happy to be there that I get it they won around Ok that's fine if you just happy to be there in the second round your franchise is not ready to win yeah I I don't know case you know I thought it was you know what as it ended you know some huge breaking serve hey you know we have a lot of injuries that happened but we'll have a better TNF and I think the Islanders realized that if and even though he goes so close to two overtime games but they lost their there so you know order wants you to do really forty-one he did not shape up but you know they're making that they had when to make that I think they'll be one of the most until he this summer there's nobody decisions that make you know the other thing I think it probably maybe comes out on top with days that probably played her his romp additional Dalton yet know for it alot or give you that second period you could put a lot and that's something that that one of the best defensemen in the league but you know topic are third in goals for games without a point of what unless you look back though not so great point to and he seems like he's got something when he's not write it so clear in his game you're Absolutely absolutely right Sean thanks so much I know you do a lot of traveling really appreciate it looked far they haven't yet again and then any phone happy to do it thanks son right from NHL dot com right here on NBC Sports Radio we have much much more to come and yes I can get into the basketball debate it's not hockey vs basketball it's competition vs competition there isn't one there isn't in another will talk about it next this is NBC Sports Radio the CBA too to stick to it the AB sports radio Is everything right the Boston which shots sometimes what you want.