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College Basketball

'Ben Simmons instead of Brandon Ingram'

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Andy Lyons
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Shallow man believe in luck we're in circumstance strong men believe in cause and effect but like that I think you have lucky moments pick person does not lucky and life it's it's it's all random So do you think if they get the number one pick that will ever will have any idea range is going to pick with it or take with their trade and for the night before the draft yes now as I may have made one six we make this a touch went six weeks and again should would target Ben Simmons Jordan season franchise player potentially and I don't think you move him for what White if Butler Ben Simmons instead of Mark Ingram or other markets this could be a really bad Ok rendering random Ingram Yes I know I have no idea nephew maybe maybe he thinks brightening comes a franchise player I am more I am at to set for a wild sort of fascinated isn't overuse were via by Simmons I think is a chance a between grizzly player truly grip couldn't get his team the term troll yet it took to knock against them in his Emmel worthy so that soft but I think injured taken with the first pick the Celtics fanned they get that pick I much rather have the chance of what Simmons could be then I know what Jimmy Butler but knowing how we know to the extent that we've to how Danny Wheels and feel some toxin explore focus options he will spend every waking moment of these next six weeks one pick trying to milk something more out of this guy and played outside against the other and try to package that was somebody else I mean it won't be pulled they get number one that's it we're done right now I don't know he has two They have too many picks yes too many young guys you mean you can't win with that many young guys you've and another guy what Simmons nineteen yeah the team next year again with his nineteen nineteen it in nineteen year-olds don't when you know that if they're thinking of winning now or winning next year winning soon he deals even if it Simmons give us a number one pick was stuck in a big but we twenty in the opener of a season yeah yeah so you don't win with twenty year-olds you know that the pitcher might win two years ago true but is that the plan maybe if you're fifty-eight if you think Simmons is truly that guy than Yes I think what if they don't like that guy I just think he's good then you just think venue move the pick because of that there's a eighth legit franchise guy when you move the pick front for a player just Koch I think.