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Listen: "Speaking of basketball, it all begins tomorrow, March Madness, Sweet Sixteen"

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Claus Andersen
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The hot spot Little League eight tell your money I don't know why it just like great player made just nature shut up once in a while I think he doesn't care apparel he did begins its amusing that he could an follow somebody our is his own team and a because so much way I think you just sit back and laugh said all of us the talking about his twitter feet in his snapped chat who cares you know I was just yet the basketball shorts and played SP get a basketball it all begins again tomorrow March Madness Sweet sixteen been breezy foxsports Cobb asked why it was also with that said why he is going to join us live in studio next going deep of money to regain what's been NBC Sports Radio blaze here sports league we points the ITF them one stocks your NBC Sports Radio update well the quest for seventy-three continues of the Golden State Warriors make it fifty-one straight regular season wings at home as they defeated the Clippers won fourteen Ted ninety-eight Steph Curry and clay Thompson combined for sixty-five points Thompson seven of ten from three point range elsewhere the Spurs improved to thirty section no at home this season beating the Heat one twelve to eighty-eight quite letter tied his career-high with thirty-two points the Cavaliers beat the Bucks won thirteen to one all forced out the top the Raptors ninety one to seventy-nine fearful scoreboard head NBC Sports Radio dot com the NFL owners wrapped up their meeting on Wednesday to more rule changes approved for next season players will be automatically injected they commit to unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in the same game and the league is also move the Touchback after kickoffs from the twenty yard line to the twenty-five yard line I'm Scott side listening to NBC Sports Radio.