Public Swimming Pools: Is It Safe To Go In The Water?

Dr. Ralph D. Morris, MD, who specializes In Preventive Medicine and Public Health, elaborates on our greatest fears concerning public swimming schools and hygiene.

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apology the biggest Methot, a lot of people have is that when they are, known like chemical owed around the Pooley think that there's too much Korean in the water, when actually just the opposite of truth The, there's probably not enough chlorine and the water to kill German Collins, and connection can plumber's, wow, this is something we've been wrong about, prolonged slump it's probably tight, right, that , that's what it what is happening is that the , Corey Nipped in the water, a reaction with compare minutes that The, the former bringing him, and the Colon is used to, and reacting with the compare women, and there's not enough, three chlorine, the killed German, in the water that the called infections what does that mean were Lo one claw arena rather chemicals that we dump in a pool, that's is out, most likely that is exactly what's going on, it's real important for swimmers before the good and too, women pool or water product, to use with bathroom. Before going into the water and take a good shower perp or getting into the water snow to see that, we know what I'm supposed to P. in pools but I never, it seems like the shower thing is never, really in forced to read here too is that, said just a matter convenience I guess, well, certainly can you wanna make the showers as a convenient as the Hall will release warmer, and that's the, through important her swimmers to exercise good, the gym, so these other in sections then, are they, the save more troubling to a doctor like yourself then urine in a pool, we'll certainly , most of these infection, you know it, diary your infections Hengqin infection, twitter, I'm not going to college, there is still will than last, here's one who has a compromised, I mean just him, when no one, a wants to get pick Kyle Walder, trying to go swimming and have fun in a pool