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What It Was Like Growing Up Transgender In The 70s

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well what was that like because it was a big and for gay rights well yes I mean I do remember the seventies in during the year win milk and the sky anywhere murdered and in nineteen seventy eight but still I mean it wasn't really easy to be gay in the seventies and it certainly wasn't ECB transgender night I came out at they did ninety training to Willie an the early seventies, i wasn't you know any awareness any conversation happening about chains folks I mean not in a positive way you know so they know systemic support in the school will there was no internet in their NO wasn't happening in mainstream media am I right and while you're not I mean yeah there you know their eyes other people out there like that's right better I kind all alone and then say and I and I think what's unusual for people listening anywhere else and the war all is ten now all you would think and again act in my initial thinking of all San Francisco the thiswe appalling be the best place to be an Asian trans American man that I get and he is seventies eighties not so much was still difficult an an how was that there for transgender folks who you know were dealing with let's talk specifically about a transgender an the gay communicate or did you get supporter wise their balance back well no they what really was a supported actually when I turned eighteen it was a really option to come out as transgender wasn't really option to transition to mail and so I I mean I I felt that I was e-mail but I had to come into a sense of myself as a woman an acting out as a lesbian initially in Iowa does a lesbian from any year thief who are really where they were the come as transgender in the mid-nineties while battling really interesting