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Erik LaRay Harvey Of 'The Charnel House' Talks About His Fans

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Alberto E. Rodriguez
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For motivates on to turn it that's really cool and the in the movie is on its way out it's called the travel howson eric harvey's here with this and whatever spirits there are the guy that actors where they've been kind you lately a couple of really successful series to me go back to boardwalk empire and now through lou cage i'm sure of the folks of netflix of been good the but the fans of the show i've been very loud so far in their approval for what you're doing talk a little bit about the feedback teacher received from offensively cage of the fans have been tremendous offensive and won the for you know i'd i really appreciate the fans are always pick you up you know everyday so you know there were spartans just from one apart i don't think you know i think it across the board you knocking all the carrot in the short just be getting their due diligence you not because i believe they should and you know she's going i'm one of paul so to be a part of and i think everyone did a fantastic job when deftly deserved it could fan of everyone else on the show right out the united states yeah it's been a really good project to be a part of it yeah it's all jokes when you know project and everyone believes gennett from or you know and i think it was a team effort and and it came across i think we're well but i never and then you are your character timing back wasn't there right from the beginning so talk about i mean the show that you can to walk into a few episodes in what he was there from began anything music than this out of the right right you know you didn't you didn't know you heard his name and i got description they want to noon uniform for so long long on but you know sort assisted to you know they sort of like termin affirmation because i just wanna know you know what harlem with doing you know right before i actually before they actually the meat so i was there and spirit in that and then shadow them in i'm i'm forced out of the shadows you know come episode seven on with the death of archive no but you know it's just going to wonderful introduction.