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Listen: "The six-foot seven care Rockies scare appear This is the Kevin in being tell eighty-six minutes after it a classic"

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The six-foot seven care Rockies scare appear This is the Kevin in being tell eighty-six minutes after it a classic comedian and New York Times best-selling author Jen Kirkland joins us later this hour here on The Kevin being here I will talk to actor caddies she years in the knot apart hours well he's doing on the flash don't you don't see W as all coming up what's your chance at nine the clock to win more tickets to the sole accurately roast Twenty Sixteen we from Saturday Irvine TV star Ralph German easy use to be on not it game shows a lot I did a bunch game shows without a starting actor yeah because I was obviously Porter and that was it was owed a quick way to make if you did well a bunch of money you know you can make morning in a couple hours than you could work in a couple weeks tending bar Witten tables real hoping also that somebody might discover you there because you're on TV nine out of that doesn't happen okay never heard a one thing you are one of one we're not going to give us period I don't know work some but not answered of my community for that to further my career I was just in it for the catch making money and I bet that still going on right You can probably still find aspiring actors just Hey I got time on the to show up and be on the price is right or whatever there were a ton of us who showed up for these casting call they would have for the game shows and dumb I don't know if it's still because I would assume so but you would get in their new their first initial meeting with it had to go through Eichel written quiz similar to the side of the game to see helper fishing wearing they would interviewed a suitor personality was like and invariably they would say and don't don't mention you're actor it was like a standard they don't bring up said Don't tell anybody or an actor don't think just whatever you do for your day job not what you are so your bartender rough German I was that's how it introduced me on this episode unmatched in that was on back in the nineties Ross Shaffer was the host and Ross would talk to the contestants and I was a bartenders that's what I said what I did and he has good dumbest response to that ever I'd rather just not asked me about my job he's gonna say what he said years their minds reduction in him on match game.