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Listen: "Villanova was that good from the floor and went on a 25, 0 run"

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Andy Lyons
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Coming up of Monday night in Houston and energy Stadium well we talked about it in last hour alike Avila Nova and White North Carolina so naturally I think you're going to get a very good game but at least I hole I thought I would get a good game Saturday between Oklahoman Villanova in start to get a forty-four point blowout because Villanova was that good from the floor and one on a twenty-five all right so when you think you have it all figured out on paper there's still has to be some level of execution and that execution is not there for Villanova led save in the probably going to get route in an of North Carolina just sit back and watch Avila nobody hit shot after shot after shot it could be a long night for The Cardinals but that being said tonight you you throw those all other If you're looking at this from what we saw on Saturday I think this is a colossal matchup great I think this is gonna turn into a really no biting kind of game I like North Carolina to win this one I kind goal I'm kind of leaning toward Villanova is just a little bit of a favorite but overall I just enjoy what I saw from from the Wildcats on Saturday I should this list at the start of last hour imminent eight Dylan novo Oklahoma game I loved watching the dominance all the while cat I truly did I don't I didn't necessarily liked watching a great player like but he healed just score nine points but I really enjoyed watching Villanova do what he did inch in shooting seventy one percent what do you to watch a basketball team do that on a high level this was the Nationals semi final game this wasn't Bilodeau although taking on Northwestern state this was No one goal the against Oklahoma highly ranked team will give highly ranked T and they shot seven one one by forty-four it was the Wine Gold statistic but I saw on Twitter and I I really wish I could have put some more research into this but they said that of although all of the seven.