The Science Behind Motivation (And How The Marine Corps Puts It To Practice)

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 so here's what's interesting about motivation cause want motivation is one of these eat principles at we know the productive people in companies repeatedly that one of the things that we've learned from neurological studies is that the most productive people blurred had a self motivate by finding opportunities to meet consoles feel like they're in control of what's going on when i dared examples of this is the Marine Corps about fifteen years ago the Marine Corps we've seen a bunch of recruits who were uniquely on. Motivate they're really bad itself motor and you're right about a young man named Eric continue yeah who entered this thirteen we boot camp in two thousand ten that's exactly right and he did the boot camp eat he enrolled in his action very different from the boot camp the head exist her you're previous the one that we see in movies all the time, the boot camp was redesigned by the screening general Charles crew lack to encourage recruits toward how do essentially kind of become rebels services that a Paris island kind but can well it's out Paris island but it's completely different from what were used the same week we think a boot camp as a place it teaches the discipline right it teaches you follow orders but what they but with neurologist told the thee marine core was they need to teach recruits defined be initiative by seeking opportunities free control so one of the things it happens when you gotta boot camp is the you go to the mass Holland everyone will you lunch and then you're drilled structure tells you know go clean the mass Aun they don't tell you how do they they don't tell you where things go they don't he would put the catcher how much so to put in the Washington scene because they want people to be forced to figure this out to take issue that if they basically are making a bet the ones people become addicted to this feeling of being in control. It will help them all learn to self motivate in effect ended boot camp existing known as the crew supports this fifty-two our obstacle course dealing with a German get through the crew civil some times is by do so paying thee direct commands you get by essentially finding these like work around the sway the kind of peace a burst of in and get things done me cheating cheaper but it's not shooting it's not really short cuts it's for instance they, if you're told to listen for a direct order your friends you fur in and you can't hear a director give a gas mask on some people might for instance go end starts we mean there are so or singing the song so that they can kind of figure out how the Courtney with other folks even if they can't here the direct order any idea here is it doesn't matter how you do it it's the one to