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Can British Bulldogs Be Saved From Themselves - And Us?

Niels Pedersen, professor emeritus of veterinary medicine at the University of California-Davis, conducted a study to research the genetic diversity of English Bulldogs. Dr. Peter Photos, biomolecular engineering PHD, is a science advisor for the Bulldog Club of America and a breeder of French bulldogs.

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every breach The Bulldog Club of America be no exception has what's called a standard, of what a bulldog is and what other components that makeup bulldog a bulldog, and there are a lot of readers out there that try to three to the standard is carefully as possible, and if you do pre true that standard, the dog tends to be very healthy and and if you , color for example people who just try to pre, fantasy colored Bulldogs or someone in their backyard that has a little good, fien aunque, top dog anyone have letters dealt Brito random start, so sure that's when you get into trouble because you don't understand the Genetics and you don't understand what's behind the talk any responsible. Will know exactly if there is for example juvenile Cataractes that decade run anoint we generically test for that and any duck center carriers typically aren't right, so, the long really should be one If you don't know what you're doing you shouldn't do it, I'm and people who do know what they're doing are fixed really carefully keep extremely good records they know their pedigrees they know what it in brain, this acceptable what levels of an Brady went out crossed, and they can try to across as far as possible but still within the breed, these are done all the time by very responsible for years, the U.K. kennel club made some changes to the breed standard, following major controversy over The Bulldog health in two thousand and nine is there anything about the breed standard, there could be changes to make The Bulldog healthier, I Rakuten Mason comment, does that, as a that Neri in my first concern is how the health of the dog slow we wanna see our dogs, they're going to live a normal lifespan in and die from the normal type of the tentative and all days diseases that one would expect, and, I would argues that the line as Cross when a breed can't run freely breed can't read the freely breed can't, reproduce freely, and I breed can't be free, of , things that affected so immune system is so and all of those Categories Bulldogs the knot run freely they do not Brees freely they did not breed freely and they have problems with their I mean is systems another think as well so. He where you cross the line depends on how you look at them and I'm sure that many that there is when say that that line has been crossed long time ago