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Listen: two more shooting death spies Chicago police are pronged dings

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Two more shooting death spies Chicago police are pronged dings worked action by mayor Roma manual has was by residents who want him to go we latest of people came after police fatally shot fifty five-year-old Betty Jones and 19 year old Quinn Tony you'll agree were while Andrew coal about eight domestic dispute the police say Jones a mother a five at a grandmother should've been shot at all they say she was quote accidentally struck and tragically killed by an officer an quote and many question these shooting able agree you're who police say was charging tore there with and aluminum baseball bad there are reports that would careers family said he suffered from metal will miss the woods mother disputed that here's Chicago's Chief of detectives Eugene roid they were confronted by combative individual resulting in officer fiery shots fatally wounding to individuals commanders under investigation wide being independent police review authority last night mayor Emmanuel ordered changes and now Chicago cops order trained cannibal coals involving people may have mental health problems but that may not be enough to Quo protesters demonstrators say they Walmarts today for the Family Charitable Quan Macdonald and other team killed by Chicago police to City Hall were they will demand a menu walls resignation.