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Listen: really well against the number one defense in all of football and the Denver Broncos so

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Joe Robbins
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It's interesting that you bring up identity mentally identity of Michigan State we know what Alabama is They run the ball with Derrick Henry who just won the highs been they tried a controlled the trenches it in the past they've had some very good quarterbacks now of course playing any NFL Jay Cooper is not one of those impact entire FEC is down at that position F Michigan State is able to limit the effectiveness of Henry can Jay Cole Kirk make the plays an open things up for Alabama no no unfortunately I think I think offers a nice kid but ease is not the guys thinking going get a bunch conversion unhappy team on his shoulders Connor Cook can He's done that before and and so he's gonna win that quarterback battle There's no question Michigan State table bottle up their Cannery Alabama Scott no answers to take a poker is not a game in hand we see how they Team Canada's he displayed on Monday Night Football played really well against the number one defense in all of football and the Denver Broncos so these you know Alabama the rough spots to the they don't run the ball efficiently they don't have that guy they don't have the core of wide receiver taking control the game only outside so that's why it's so crucial the Derrick Henry Not only did you know thirty the 40 Kerry's but the those 30 to 40 Kerry's primarily after Carrie fifteen or sixteen but those cares a productive whenever surprise when Alabama head coach Nick say been makes headlines are Week 10 but his comments recently pretty interesting about coaches having extra pressure on their backs now with this college football playoff the new format guys getting five year even after they've won nine or 10 games what's your reaction to that i echo his thoughts I think Nick save and has a real Gray poll on college football and he knows that his conference needs to go so the nine conference game you know that right now this point office putting immense pressure on a number of schools there's honored and what is the 28 27 division one school that be a schools only four playoff and that's in a mention up pressure on some of these coaches in particular when you look at Mark Rick that George sure some and when I get frustrated with his this is going back to my previous answer these Durant ministration who won't answer question number one realistically who are we were we going and how we gonna get there Not every program can be Alabama Ohio State and compete for spot in the playoffs every single year that's just not reality and unfortunately for George as much as they wanna think that they are Alabama they are not and they're not gonna qualified and per the playoff every year in the nothing gonna compete to qualify in the playoffs every year So from that standpoint I think that he is right on the money and unfortunately be adults in the room in particular some of these administrations public directors they won't answer realistically question number one and that's what ultimately Hans them in in home there coaches well before I let you go do year final prep I know what you and I will be doing on New Year's Eve because this is what were supposed to do as members of the sports media industry but these games Arnie night when traditionally people are doing a whole lot of other things besides watching.